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A Look at Some of Deep River, Connecticut's Most Famous Residents

September 3, 2021

Deep River, CT, is an old town with a tremendous amount of history. The characters from the town's past are worth learning about because they helped shape what the community has become today.

The Bars and Pubs of Deep River, Connecticut

January 27, 2021

Deep River is a wonderful community in which to buy a home, and although it doesn't have much nightlife, there are a few pubs and bars that are perfect for a relaxing night out.

Information on Free Boat Moorings For Residents of Deep River, Connecticut

June 18, 2020

Photo of water and forrest in Deep River CT

Coastal Connecticut's 2020 Property Tax Rates

March 17, 2020

Throughout Connecticut, properties are taxed using a mill rate. In this formula, one mill equals one dollar of taxes due per $1,000 of assessed property value. For example, if a town has a mill rate of $23.45, it means that the homeowner must pay $23.45 for every $1,000 of property value annually.

The assessed rate of a home in Connecticut is 70% of its appraised value. So if you own a home with an estimated worth of $500,000, you'll only have to pay property taxes on $350,000 of it.

Why Deep River Offers the Best of Both Worlds Near the Connecticut Shoreline

December 30, 2019

aerial photo of Deep River CT

For Deep River, the main benefit is the combination of serenity and location, which is a rare find near the Connecticut Shoreline. When you buy a home in Deep River, Connecticut, you're putting yourself in one of the quietest places in this part of the world. At the same time, you're only 15 minutes from the ocean, making this small town one of the top options for beach lovers who'd prefer to avoid the crowds.