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Spotlight: Jean Schneider

Photos of Jean Schneider

Chances are if you are from Essex, you will either recognize Jean Schneider or know who she is from all the community organizations she is part of. She has dedicated almost 20 years to Page Taft and was part of the original team who helped open our Essex office.

In addition to working so tirelessly at Page Taft, Jean held almost every board position for the Essex Community Fund over the past decade. Jean modernized ECF in our community and expanded their outreach by creating and maintaining the newsletter as well as ECF's website. Jean has worked on or developed all the major fundraisers, collects food for the soup kitchen, supports mental health outreach on the shoreline, builds scarecrows, dresses the gopher for groundhog day. She also carves a huge amount of pumpkins for the pumpkin festivals and single handedly made all of our scarecrows for the Essex Halloween  contest for at least 8 years. Illuminates lvoryton for Christmas, has swung many bunches of balloons and reworked their Saint Patrick's Day offering to eco-friendly windmills. She has sold street signs across the country and welcomes beer fans in March to the Cheers for Charity event she co-created and so much more.

Jean works hard for her community and everyone across the CT shoreline. Her tireless effort to detail has created a large table with a seat for everyone, Jean is a true community warrior. Jean was a member of the lvoryton library board and she has held many positions while her kids attended the Regional School District #4 schools. She was treasurer for the boys lacrosse team and supported the yearly play presented at Valley Regional High School just to name a few.

Not just locally but Jean has helped to create and fostered a relationship with the state for the initiative to feed children in need on the CT Shoreline. Currently she volunteers and coordinates food drives for the shoreline soup kitchen "stuff a police cruiser "events twice a year

We are very fortunate to have Jean on our Page Taft team as well as in the community.

Published November 15, 2020 in Did You Know?