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Spending a Day at Rogers Lake in Old Lyme, Connecticut

Although Old Lyme, CT, is known as an artists' colony with great oceanfront beaches and access to the Connecticut River, it also has some ponds and lakes that draw crowds in the summer.

The northernmost section of town is home to Rogers Lake, perhaps the town's best-known freshwater body and one of the community's top recreation areas.

Living in Old Lyme ensures you always have plenty to do, as its Coastal Connecticut location leaves you close to many of New England's most scenic oceanfront areas and countless secluded hiking trails. Rogers Lake is yet another spot you're sure to visit regularly after purchasing a home in this part of the country.

Here's a look at some things you can do when taking some time to enjoy your day at Rogers Lake.


On any given day in the summer, you'll see multiple boats in the water pulling water skiers. That's because Rogers Lake is the largest freshwater body in Old Lyme, so residents love to get out there and enjoy it.

There's a boat launch on the east side of the lake, off Grassy Hill Road. It's a fair distance from the lake's central waterfront park, but it has a parking lot of its own for those who are boating.

The boat launch is paved, making it easier to unload your trailer. However, it's important to remember that the ramp heads into a narrow cove, so there could be a waiting period on a busy day.

Once you're on the water, you're free to pull tubes, wakeboarders, and waterskiers, while following the speed regulations near the main beach.


You can also do some angling while you have your boat in the water, as Rogers Lake is one of the community's most popular fishing holes. The largemouth bass fishing at Rogers Lake is particularly noteworthy, although you'll also find perch, chain pickerel, sunfish, trout, black crappie, and brown bullhead in the water.

Watersports are banned at the northwest end of the lake, making that a quiet spot to do some fishing. Locals usually guard their favorite fishing places pretty well, though, so you'll need to search around for your own fishing hole.

Hains Park

Hains Park is the main recreation area at Rogers Lake, and it's a pretty popular spot for locals. The park features a sandy beach with shallow waters, which is why families frequent the area during the warmer months.

There's also a swimming dock that older kids can jump in and a loading dock closer to the beach. This loading dock makes it possible to load and unload family members on your boat from the shore. Many rowers will use this dock as a departure point, too.

Other facilities at Hains Park include a basketball court, washrooms, picnic tables, benches, and a large parking lot. This venue has everything you could want from a summer destination, and since it's at the north end of town and away from the oceanfront beaches, it's far quieter, as well.

Rules and Regulations

There are some rules you'll want to be aware of before taking your boat onto the lake to ensure you don't end up in trouble with the law.

First, boats and personal watercraft can have engines with a maximum of 135 horsepower. All boats must also refrain from going over six miles per hour when within 100 feet of the shore, a raft, or any other vessel. Speed restrictions are also in effect after sunset and near the lake's islands.

Personal watercraft use is prohibited after 6:00 PM during the week and after 7:00 PM on weekends, as well. You must also be careful about generating wake, particularly near Hains Park and the boat launch.

Most of the rules are common sense, as you don't want to disturb other people enjoying the lake, but they're essential to keep in mind nonetheless.

Buying a Home in Old Lyme

The Connecticut Shoreline is full of fantastic places to buy a home because there's so much to do throughout the area. There's also a ton of history, and the region's proximity to New York City makes it a draw for professionals seeking weekend homes away from the bustle.

Old Lyme is at the top of the list for many relocating to this part of the country. After all, it's beautiful, and its historical notoriety as an art colony adds to the allure. It's a unique community that stands out from other spots in Connecticut while also offering many of the same amenities.

Get to know this gem overlooking Long Island Sound because you're sure to fall in love from the second you visit.

Published September 22, 2021 in Connecticut Towns and Villages