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Page Taft-Christie’s International Real Estate Wins National Award for “Extraordinary Customer Service”

Among Top 35 Firms in the U.S. Receiving Coveted QE Award - Unique Industry Recognition

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Guilford, CT – March 23, 2021 

Page Taft-Christie’s International Real Estate which owns and operates three offices serving the Eastern Connecticut Shoreline and the Connecticut River Valley, is among America’s Top 35 real estate brokerage firms based on measurable service excellence and customer satisfaction. Winning the national QE Award (pronounced “Quie”)“ reflects measured and independently verified customer service excellence in the delivery of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in real estate service in North America,” according to Larry D. Romito, CEO, Quality Service Certification, Inc. (QSC), creators of the award.

The 2021 QE Award recognizes the Top 5 Large Companies, the Top 10 Midsize Companies and the Top 20 Small Companies, from 22 states and includes some of the most respected independent and well-known national and regional brand names.

“At Page Taft, we place a great deal of emphasis upon the relationships we build with our clients. This award truly speaks to that commitment and demonstrates the level of dedication that our agents have to providing the best possible customer service experience during each and every transaction,” said Michael Schlott, President, Page Taft-Christie’s International Real Estate/The Randall Family of Companies. “Winning the QE Award from Quality Service Certification signifies that Page Taft is among the most prolific real estate companies in the nation when it comes to providing clients with a memorable customer service experience,” he added.

The 2021 QE Award is based upon the results of an independent survey limited solely to buyers and sellers who were in a real estate transaction that actually closed with participating real estate companies. Quality Service Certification, Inc. and Leading Research Corporation, Laguna Niguel, CA administer the survey process to ensure that every past customer is surveyed, preventing agents or companies from selectivity, influence, interference or manipulation in any way.

“Today’s consumers seek transparency, accountability, and trusted information to help them make better, more informed decisions and choices, and Page Taft has elected to participate in service assessment and feedback following every transaction, which is setting a new and better standard for excellence,” said Larry D. CEO, Quality Service Certification, Inc.

“Page Taft-Christie’s International Real Estate is not just raising the bar for customer service; they’ve committed to a whole new standard knowing consumers are tired of seeing meaningless perfect reviews where every agent has a five-star rating,” Romito adds. “We believe that in a consumer-centric world, the higher standard for gauging excellence in professional services should authentically measure how well each customer is served, not just how much business is done.” 

Larry Romito, Chairman, CEO, notes that the QE Award is based upon aggregated overall Customer Satisfaction as a percentage of all returned surveys of real customers’ where every past customer has been surveyed without selectivity, editing, deletion, cleansing or manipulation. “No other system exists, anywhere, in the real estate industry that can legitimately make that claim,” he said, noting that “accurate, reliable, independently validated survey results of individual agents” can be accessed by visiting   

Quality Service Certification, Inc. created the QE Award to foster, encourage and recognize the highest levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.  QSC, with its sister company Leading Research Corporation, assures the careful measurement and independent validation of service and satisfaction results.  

Eligibility for the 2021 QE Award requires a minimum number of surveys sent and returned, which may be adjusted from year to year based upon market conditions and the number of participants. More than 30,000 real estate agents and 750 companies elected to participate in the customer satisfaction assessment survey process in 2020 for the 2021 QE Award.

Published March 23, 2021 in Real Estate News