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Information on Free Boat Moorings For Residents of Deep River, Connecticut

Photo of water and forrest in Deep River CT

There are plenty of reasons to make Deep River, Connecticut, your forever home. This quiet town with about 4,600 residents offers a quintessentially American way of life, and its collections of Colonial and Victorian architecture make it possible to find a unique property to call your own.


Deep River is also entirely walkable, especially if you live in the downtown area, as many permanent residents don’t even need a car to go about their daily lives.


As if you need even more reasons to buy a home in Deep River, CT, there’s also the unparalleled access to the Connecticut River that it provides, allowing you to quickly and efficiently reach the waters of Long Island Sound.


But what about the cost of storing your boat in the water?


Well, Deep River residents don’t have to worry about that additional expense because the town offers free boat mooring access at Deep River Landing to all of its taxpayers.


While you’ll be on the hook to install and remove the mooring every year, everything else is free for locals.


Here’s what you need to know about this boat mooring program for Deep River homeowners.


How it Works


The gist of this free mooring idea is that Deep River taxpayers can store their boats on the water in the spring, summer, and fall at no additional cost.


It’s a great deal for locals because it eliminates marina expenses while allowing them to get on the water as much as possible.


The process begins by filling out a form and submitting it to the Town Clerk’s Office. You can also mail the application to the Harbormaster. Make sure you include a copy of your Certificate of Insurance to verify your residence.


Once approved for a mooring, the Harbormaster will assign you a space for installing your anchor. Your set-up must meet the Harbormaster’s Minimum Standards for Single Point Moorings, which includes specific mooring ball markings, the use of mushroom anchors, and particular lengths of chain to use.


In addition to the mooring, you’ll have access to both the fixed main dock and the floating dock at Deep River Landing. These docks are for loading and unloading passengers and equipment onto your boat, so you can only use them for short periods.


Keep in mind, as well, that you can allow a visitor to use your mooring space for up to 30 days, but you must provide the Harbormaster with a written request ahead of time.


Dates to Remember


To receive your free mooring, you’ll have to apply for your permit by April 15th of the current year. You can request your spot earlier, however, as your mooring is valid from March 15th until December 1st.


Your mooring must be set every year by May 31st, or you’ll lose your spot. You must also remove the mooring by December 1st, or the Harbormaster will consider it abandoned and remove it at your expense.


Make sure you obtain a resident parking pass from the Town Clerk to receive free parking at Deep River Landing all year round.


Other Boating Options


While this free mooring option might be the most cost-efficient way for Deep River residents to enjoy the waters of Coastal Connecticut, there are other ways to get on the water while enjoying some additional amenities.


For one, Safe Harbor Deep River Marina has a floating dock with 283 spaces, along with additional transient slips. It also has free Wi-Fi, a store with marine supplies, barbecue grills, a swimming pool, a covered picnic area, a playground, and showers. Power outlets and cable television are available at the slips, too, making it a good option for those who practically live on their boats in the summer.


The other option is the Freedom Boat Club. In short, once you register for this club, you’ll have access to its fleet of boats whenever you make a reservation. The club also provides you with training on how to operate and maintain a larger vessel, making it a great way to learn before taking the plunge into boat ownership.


The Perks of Living in Deep River


Deep River is one of Connecticut’s most desirable places to live because of its small-town feel, outstanding water access, and beautiful architecture leftover from its days as one of the world’s preeminent ivory producers.


The town is also quieter than nearby communities like Westbrook and Madison, as vacationers tend to overlook Deep River because of its lack of beaches and waterfront restaurants.


That’s how Deep River residents like it, however, as the town remains a secluded haven for locals to enjoy all of the benefits of living on the Connecticut Shoreline while avoiding the crowds in the summer. The free boat moorings are just icing on the cake for those who love living in Deep River, CT.