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Great Places to Eat in Centerbrook, Connecticut

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Although Centerbrook, Connecticut, is just a small hamlet in the town of Essex, it has a pretty good dining scene, providing residents with enough variety to keep them happy.

Sure, you won’t find dozens of gourmet eateries within blocks of each other as you might in New York or Hartford, but there’s a little bit of everything in a small section of the community along Main Street.

In fact, if you live in Centerbrook, you’re likely within walking distance of all of these great dining options, giving you more than enough opportunity to give them a try.


Savour Cafe & Bakery

At breakfast time, the Savour Cafe & Bakery is the place to be in Centerbrook because of its excellent selection of pastries, muffins, buns, and breakfast sandwiches. You can also grab some cookies, tarts, or cake for the road.

The Savour Cafe & Bakery is also open at lunchtime, serving salads, soup, and sandwiches, and even has a variety of to-go dishes that you can pick up in a hurry and get on with your day.


Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant

You’ll find Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant across the street from the Savour Cafe & Bakery, and it is home to perhaps the community’s best pizza. This eatery is family-run and first opened its doors in 1993, remaining a significant piece of the neighborhood ever since.

When you’re in the mood for a good meal, you should know that Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant delivers its pizzas, burgers, pasta, grinders, salads, and appetizers to Centerbrook, Ivorytown, and Essex Village. You can also eat at the restaurant and enjoy a cold pint of beer with your feast.

Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant is open every day of the week except Sunday from 11:00 AM until 8:00 or 8:30 PM.


Bun On the Run

If you need a quick breakfast or lunch, Bun On the Run has you covered. This small sandwich shop on Main Street has breakfast bagels, wraps, and sandwiches in the morning and an entirely different menu with grinders, buns, sandwiches, burritos, and salads in the afternoon.

The great thing about Bun On the Run is that they know you’re in a hurry, so they’ll get you fed and on your way as quickly as possible.


Pizza Pub

Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant isn’t the only game in town for locally-produced pies, as Pizza Pub is another option worth exploring. Pizza Pub has a massive menu featuring sandwiches, wraps, wings, salads, calzones, grinders, seafood dinners, and pasta, in addition to nearly any type of pizza you can imagine.

Pizza Pub is a great place to grab a meal and a beer with some friends, so it’s a place you’ll likely spend some time if you buy a home in Centerbrook.


The Essex

We mentioned that Centerbrook clearly isn’t on the same culinary level as New York, but there are some elements of the Big Apple at The Essex. That’s because the owner and chef, Colt Taylor, worked for some of New York’s most renowned chefs before settling in Essex and opening up a restaurant of his own.

The result is Centerbrook’s only fine-dining restaurant, featuring a constantly evolving menu with seafood dishes and whatever else is in-season. The venue uses as many organic, local ingredients as possible and focuses on sourcing from sustainable producers who have humanely-raised, pasture-fed animals.

If you can’t visit New York for a great meal, The Essex is the next best thing, and it’s right on Main Street in Centerbrook.


Scotch Plains Tavern

The one location on this list that isn’t on Main Street is the Scotch Plains Tavern, a pub-style venue just south of Main Street on Plains Road. Despite being a pub, the Scotch Plains Tavern is a pretty diverse establishment with an upscale menu in the dining room, a bar with pool tables and TVs upstairs, and a beer garden outside.

There’s also a happy hour menu, and the Scotch Plains Tavern hosts live music four days per week in the summer. When you’re looking for a night out or a place to watch the game, the Scotch Plains Tavern is the place to do it in Centerbrook, CT.


We’ve gone over many places that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but what about dessert? For the best ice cream in Centerbrook, look no further than Scoops, which sits a few doors down from Centerbrook Pizza Restaurant.

Scoops isn’t very big but has an eclectic menu with dozens of flavors, including sugar-free ice cream and fat-free yogurt shakes. You can also grab a hot fudge sundae or enjoy your treat in a waffle cone.

If you’re on Main Street in Centerbrook for dinner anyway, a quick trip to Scoops is worth the effort.


Always Something New to Try

As you can see, Centerbrook has an incredible selection of restaurants, and they’re all within a few blocks of each other. The result is a surprisingly vibrant dining scene in this community with less than 700 residents.

Living on the Connecticut Shoreline brings new adventures daily, and the dining scene in Centerbrook proves that you don’t have to miss out on great food when seeking a slower pace of life.

Published October 15, 2020 in Exploring Our Area