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Getting to Know Branford, Connecticut

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If you're looking at moving to the Connecticut Shoreline, you'll have many different communities from which to choose, each of which has unique benefits. Branford, CT's claim to fame is the fact that it's a mid-sized town of about 28,000 that is minutes from large communities like East Haven and New Haven.

As a result, you can spend your day working in the city before retiring to the serene atmosphere of this beachfront community at night.

You'll also have the chance to spend your summers and weekends in this peaceful environment, giving you a best-of-both-worlds living experience.

Jobs in Branford, Connecticut

Some large employers in Branford, CT include biotech company 454 Life Sciences and pharmaceutical company Durata Therapeutics. The service industry also employs plenty of people, in large part thanks to the dining in the downtown area, and the three private breweries: Stony Creek Brewery, Thimble Island Brewing Co, and Duvig Brewing Company.

American Polyfilm, which produces polyurethane film, has offices and a manufacturing plant in Branford, while major window companies include Cherry Hill Glass and Massey's Plate Glass & Aluminum.

Many people who work in New Haven choose to live in Branford because of its amenities and natural environment. Yale University, for example, employs countless Branford residents, and travel is made easy because of the commuter train.

Branford, CT Parks and Beaches

One of the benefits of living on the ocean is that you'll always have access to a beach. Public beaches in Branford include Stony Creek Beach and Branford Point.

There are also private beaches run by the various community associations, including Limewood Beach, Hotchkiss Cove Beach, and Pine Orchard Beach, which you can access if you live in one of those neighborhoods.

Those who are into hiking can wander through the Pine Orchard Marsh Wildlife Area, while other recreational activities are available at Foote Memorial Park and Parker Memorial Park.

If you have a boat, there are numerous marinas, boat launches, and yacht clubs where the Branford River empties into Branford Harbor, as well.

You'll never run out of things to do outdoors once you live in Branford, Connecticut.

Where to Eat and Shop in Branford, CT

You'll find plenty of great places to dine out in Branford, many of which are located along Main Street. G-Zen, for example, is a vegetarian and organic restaurant that is very popular, while Le Petit Café offers French cuisine. Other local favorites include Pasta CosiHome, and Donovan's Reef Restaurant.

The shopping in Branford is a little more spread out, as there's Branford Hills Plaza and Branhaven Plaza on West Main Street, along with some boutiques on the more central part of Main Street. There are also some shops on Route 22 just before heading into East Haven.

The Branford, Connecticut School System

Most of the schools in Branford are part of the Branford Public Schools District. It all starts with the Linda B. Chipkin Early Years Center, which is for pre-school aged children.

There are then three elementary schools - John B. Sliney, Mary T. Murphy, and Mary R. Tisko - all of which are for students in kindergarten through grade four. John B. Sliney Elementary School has one pre-K class, as well.

From there, local students go to Francis Walsh Intermediate School for grades five through eight, before moving onto Branford High School to complete their education.

Students will also have the opportunity to go to East Shoreline Catholic Academy, which is a private school for students in kindergarten through grade eight.

Transportation in Branford

There's plenty of public transportation in this area, as you can travel within Branford and to other communities in the surrounding area. To start, Branford has a stop on the Shore Line East commuter rail line, which runs between New London and New Haven. There are connections available to other towns and cities through this train line, as well.

Branford also has stops on the CTtransit network. The 201 bus runs between New Haven and Madison, with stops in Branford and Guilford. The bus stops at multiple places in Branford, so you can use it to get around the Main Street area. The 204 bus goes from New Haven to Branford, with numerous stops on Main Street. There are additional part-time routes into other parts of Branford, as well, including the Short Beach route, which is available early in the morning, after work, and on weekends.

Buying a Home in Branford, CT

When buying a house in Branford, keep an eye out for older character places in historic districts like Branford Center, Branford Point, Canoe Brook, Route 146, and Stony Creek-Thimble Islands. These neighborhoods are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and will give you a unique home to call your own.

There is newer construction in other parts of Branford, as well, so you'll be able to find something to your individual specifications. Branford, Connecticut has something for everyone, so have a look around and see what you can find.

Published November 12, 2019 in Exploring Our Area