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Life at the Middlesex Yacht Club in Chester, Connecticut

October 5, 2021

Chester, CT, enjoys a fantastic location on the Connecticut River, giving residents easy access to Long Island Sound. The Middlesex Yacht Club is a spot worth checking out if you're looking for a full-service marina with private club amenities.

A Visit to Fort Saybrook Monument Park

August 17, 2021

Fort Saybrook Monument Park is a special spot because of its history. This park dates back to 1635 and is well worth visiting because of the living history you'll find in the area.

The Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop in Westbrook, CT

August 4, 2021

Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop in Westbrook

The Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop is an iconic retailer in Westbrook, Connecticut that has occupied the space in an old barn since 1963. Residents and visitors alike love this retailer because it sells Christmas decorations from the past, giving you the opportunity to pick up some of these items locally.

Safe Harbor Essex Island: Experience Life on a Private Island in Connecticut

July 12, 2021

Safe Harbor Essex Island offers an exclusive club atmosphere thanks to its high-end amenities and location on a private island, making it one of the ideal locations to store a boat on the Connecticut Shoreline.

Things to Do on Guilford Harbor

July 5, 2021

Although it's sometimes overlooked because of its proximity to Madison's beaches and Branford's marinas, Guilford's harbor makes it a wonderful place to buy a home in its own right.

Examining Madison, Connecticut's Private Clubs

June 16, 2021

Madison, Connecticut, is full of outstanding recreational opportunities, including its three private clubs. Learn about these clubs and figure out if a membership is worth your while.

Spending an Evening in Ivoryton, Connecticut

May 4, 2021

Ivoryton, Connecticut, isn't a bustling center with a ton of activity. However, there's just enough going on in the village that you can spend a night out with friends without venturing too far from home.

Is There Nightlife in Killingworth, Connecticut?

April 15, 2021

Although Killingworth, CT, isn't the liveliest location on the Connecticut Shoreline, it has enough nightlife to keep its residents happy without attracting groups of tourists in the summer months.

A Look at Branford, Connecticut's Sports Facilities

March 24, 2021

Branford, CT, is one of the most desirable places to buy a home on the Connecticut Shoreline, and its sports facilities add another layer to this community as a family-friendly destination.

What to Expect at the Chester Fair

February 26, 2021

Although Chester, CT, is a small town with just 4,000 residents, The Fair attracts big city crowds every year and is something that residents look forward to experiencing.

Old Lyme, Connecticut's Ferry Landing State Park

February 11, 2021

Old Lyme, Connecticut, enjoys multiple waterfronts, including spots along the Connecticut River. Ferry Landing State Park is one such location that residents love visiting all-year-round because of its boardwalk, beach, fishing, and birdwatching opportunities. 

The Bars and Pubs of Deep River, Connecticut

January 27, 2021

Deep River is a wonderful community in which to buy a home, and although it doesn't have much nightlife, there are a few pubs and bars that are perfect for a relaxing night out.

The Marinas of Old Saybrook, Connecticut

January 11, 2021

Old Saybrook's waterfront location on the Connecticut River makes the town an outstanding place to store a boat. Living here means having numerous marinas at your fingertips, providing a wonderful lifestyle with ocean access.

A Trip to Bishop's Orchards Farm Market & Winery in Guilford, Connecticut

November 26, 2020

Guilford, Connecticut, is full of great amenities for the entire family, including Bishop's Orchard Farm Market & Winery. Not only is this facility a great place to pick up local produce, but it also provides entertainment for the entire family.

Getting to Know Madison, Connecticut's Athletic and Fitness Facilities

November 13, 2020

photo of tennis players

Madison is one of Coastal Connecticut's most charming locations and is full of great fitness facilities to use throughout the year. Even if you get busy in the summer, there are ways to get some exercise while taking advantage of everything this town has to offer.

A Look at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut

October 30, 2020

photo of Florence Griswold Museum

The Florence Griswold Museum is a piece of living history that not only provides a place to experience living history on the Connecticut Shoreline, but also hosts events and festivals for Old Lyme's residents.

Great Places to Eat in Centerbrook, Connecticut

October 15, 2020

photo of italian food

Centerbrook has an incredible selection of restaurants, and they’re all within a few blocks of each other. The result is a surprisingly vibrant dining scene in this community with less than 700 residents.

Living on the Connecticut Shoreline brings new adventures daily, and the dining scene in Centerbrook proves that you don’t have to miss out on great food when seeking a slower pace of life.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Ivoryton Playhouse

September 29, 2020

Ivoryton Playhouse logo

Any time you take a wander through the heart of downtown Ivoryton, you can't help but notice its history, as pretty much every building in the area has some historical significance. Standing out from the rest is the Ivoryton Playhouse, a large building sitting on the same lot as Ivoryton Green.

A Visit to Parmelee Farm in Killingworth, Connecticut

September 22, 2020

Photo of a trails sign in Parmelee Farm

Parmelee Farm is yet another place that makes residing in Coastal Connecticut so appealing. Few other parts of the country have historic venues that you can stop by and enjoy any time you please, but living in history will become your new normal once you buy a home in this area.

Meet Jonathan and Cindy Wallace

September 21, 2020

Please take a moment to say thank you and congratulate Jonathan and Cindy Wallace on a job well done with Cilantro's Speciality Food and Coffee Shop. 

Spending Your Summer at the Silver Sands Beach Club in East Haven, Connecticut

August 17, 2020

Silver Sand Beach and Tennis Club logo

When summer arrives, you could spend a bunch of money on a family vacation or pay the same amount for a membership at a private club such as Silver Sands that allows you to take a local vacation anytime you wish.

This resort has everything you could ever want from a home beach club, and since it enjoys a central location in East Haven, you'll never have to venture far from home.

The Craft Brewery Scene in Branford, Connecticut

August 7, 2020

Photo of a box of Stony Joe beer from Stony Creek Brewey

The great thing about craft breweries is that they're always changing their offerings, so there's usually something completely different every time you visit. And since Branford's breweries have a surprisingly large capacity, you'd struggle to try them all.

Branford, Connecticut, is known for its abundance of marinas and storied history. However, the craft brewery scene gives it an entirely different appeal for beer lovers all over Coastal Connecticut.

A Look at Westbrook, Connecticut's Boston Post Road

August 3, 2020

Westbrook is one of the most liveable towns on the Connecticut Shoreline because its venues are so accessible, and much of that is because everything centers on Boston Post Road.

The Past and Present of the Old Lyme Art Colony

July 13, 2020

Photo of art in a kitchen in Old Lyme CT

With a year-round population of just 7,600 people, Old Lyme, Connecticut, is a small coastal community that offers a quiet way of life. At the same time, the town attracts thousands of seasonal visitors and is known for its thriving art community.

Old Lyme's commitment to the arts goes back over 100 years when a group of artists took up residence at Florence Griswold's boarding house.

Visiting the Pattaconk Recreation Area in Cockaponset State Forest

July 1, 2020

When you live in Chester, Connecticut, you'll have plenty of outdoor recreation options, but the Pattaconk Recreation Area is sure to be high on your list of places to visit. This park gives you an excellent opportunity to escape the crowds of the Connecticut Shoreline and enjoy a slower pace of life in a secluded forest.

Information on Free Boat Moorings For Residents of Deep River, Connecticut

June 18, 2020

Photo of water and forrest in Deep River CT

Fenwick Golf Course in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

June 5, 2020

Photo of Fenwick Golf Course in Old Saybrook, CT

The Historic Griswold Inn in Essex Village, Connecticut

May 7, 2020

Photo of the Griswold Inn in Essex CT

A Look at the Past and Present of Guilford Town Green

April 23, 2020

Photo of Guilford Town Green

A Visit to Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Connecticut

April 8, 2020

Photo of Hammonasset Beach State Park

A Guide to Living in Clinton, Connecticut

March 26, 2020

Photo of the shore in Clinton, CT

Buying a Home and Living in Centerbrook, Connecticut

March 13, 2020

Photo of town hall in Centerbrook, CT

Buying a Home and Living in Killingworth, Connecticut

February 28, 2020

Photo of a home surrounded greenery in Killingworth, CT

What It's Like to Live in East Haven, CT

February 14, 2020

Photo of a beach with a lighthouse at low tide in East Haven CT

What You Should Know About Living in Chester, Connecticut

January 31, 2020

photo of Chester CT

Living in Chester, Connecticut, means having direct access to a ton of open space, as well as lakes, ponds, and the Connecticut River. You can also reach the ocean in a matter of minutes, so it’s easy to hit the beach or take your boat out for a day in Long Island Sound.

Chester, CT, is proud of its status as a small American town, and its residents hope to keep it that way indefinitely.


A Guide to Living in the Old Lyme, CT Art Colony

January 13, 2020

photo of Old Lyme art colony

When you choose to buy a home in Old Lyme, Connecticut, you're putting yourself in the heart of a town with a rich artistic history that runs deep to this day. At the same time, the center is a bustling hub of outdoor activity in the summer, featuring magnificent beaches and plenty of hiking and boating opportunities.

Why Deep River Offers the Best of Both Worlds Near the Connecticut Shoreline

December 30, 2019

aerial photo of Deep River CT

For Deep River, the main benefit is the combination of serenity and location, which is a rare find near the Connecticut Shoreline. When you buy a home in Deep River, Connecticut, you're putting yourself in one of the quietest places in this part of the world. At the same time, you're only 15 minutes from the ocean, making this small town one of the top options for beach lovers who'd prefer to avoid the crowds. 

Living in Old Saybrook: The Oldest Settlement on the Connecticut Shoreline

December 2, 2019

Living in Old Saybrook will bring plenty of positives to your life, as the town is a full-on beach destination that has a few sandy areas usually frequented by locals. It's also close enough to major cities that you can reach them quickly, yet far enough that you can spend your time away from the bustle.


Getting to Know Branford, Connecticut

November 12, 2019

When buying a house in Branford, keep an eye out for older character places in historic districts like Branford Center, Branford Point, Canoe Brook, Route 146, and Stony Creek-Thimble Islands. These neighborhoods are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and will give you a unique home to call your own.


Veterans Day Events on the Connecticut Shoreline

November 5, 2019

While you won't find Veterans Day parades in every town, some smaller ceremonies will likely take place at other locations on the Connecticut Shoreline, as well. Keep an eye out for gatherings that remember the efforts and sacrifices of the brave men and women who have gone to war to protect our way of life.

Veterans Day is an important holiday in this country, so make sure you get out there to show your support for the people who have risked or given their lives for our freedom.

What You Should Know About Living in Westbrook, Connecticut

October 30, 2019

Once you visit Westbrook for the first time, you're sure to fall in love with the diversity of its environment. Once here, you can sit on the beach one day and take the train to New York City the next. The town also has forests to hike, ponds to fish, and shops to explore.

Westbrook, CT, is one of the most desirable places to live in this part of the world because it provides a perfect balance between nature and civilization. If you're looking to relocate, give this gem on the Connecticut Shoreline a shot.


A Guide to Living in Madison, Connecticut

October 19, 2019

When looking for a home in Madison, Connecticut, you'll notice that there are five neighborhoods from which to choose.

The main part of town is called Madison Center and is home to shops, restaurants, and the famous Madison Green. Most of Madison Center's attractions are on Boston Post Road, Wall Street, and Bradley Road, and it's easily walkable if you want to check it out.


The Quintessential New England Small Town: Living in Guilford, Connecticut

September 19, 2019

While Guilford's population is small, there's enough activity to keep you busy. Living here also means you're close enough to commute to major centers while being able to escape the chaos at the end of the workday. Residing in Guilford means being able to fulfill your career goals, but having a safe, peaceful property to call your own when you're away from the office.


What It's Like to Live in Essex, Connecticut

August 19, 2019

photo of Essex ct

Although Essex is small, you'll find enough to keep you busy. In addition, since larger towns and cities are easily accessible, you can head to a neighboring community in search of more activities.