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Buying a Home and Living in Centerbrook, Connecticut

The hamlet of Centerbrook, Connecticut, is, along with Essex Village and Ivoryton, part of the town of Essex.

Photo of town hall in Centerbrook, CT

Centerbrook is generally considered the town's commercial area, as it is home to shops, restaurants, offices, and industrial properties.


At the same time, there are residential sections in Centerbrook, which provide excellent access to many of the Essex's major employers.


Living in Centerbrook puts you close to both work and play, putting you in an ideal location near the Connecticut Shoreline.


Top Employers in Centerbrook, Connecticut


Despite its compact size, there are plenty of significant employers in Centerbrook.


One of the major employers in Centerbrook is Tower Laboratories, which houses two plants and its head offices in the hamlet. This company produces over the counter and prescription drugs for some of the country's to private label retailers.


Other significant headquarters in this industrial part of town include RapidPurge, which is a plastic products supplier, TPR2, which develops fire protection products, and Hi-Rel Group, which designs, engineers, and produces alloy solutions in a variety of industries.


You'll also find engineering firms, marketing agencies, machine shops, a diesel engine manufacturer, law offices, and countless other businesses in this single area just off Main Street, so there are plenty of employment opportunities.


The Centerbrook, CT School System


There's only one school in Centerbrook, Essex Elementary School, which serves kids between kindergarten and grade six. It's a large school that is home to about 560 students at any given time.


Students in this area are part of Regional School District #4, which also serves the other two villages in Essex, in addition to Chester and Deep River.


Once students complete their elementary school education, they'll move to John Winthrop Middle School in Deep River for grades seven and eight, before heading to Valley Regional High School for grades nine through 12. Both of those schools are in neighboring Deep River.


Activities in Centerbrook


Centerbrook is a small community, but there's still plenty to do if you know where to look.


Many locals enjoy going for a paddle on Mill Pond, which is just north of Main Street. You'll have to head into Ivoryton's Falls River Park to launch your boat, but sections of the pond are very secluded and provide an excellent place to escape the crowds.


If you're into hiking, you might consider heading to the Canfield Woods, which are just north of the hamlet. These woods feature some dense tree-covered sections, but the trails will safely guide you through the park. You can leave your vehicle in the lot just off Book Hill Woods Road for easy access.


When you first move to Centerbrook, there no easier way to learn about the area than by taking a tour on the Essex Steam Train. This train will guide you through the Connecticut River Valley, and even includes a riverboat ride during select summer events.


Centerbrook Dining and Shopping Options


Centerbrook isn't a world-class shopping and dining destination, but you'll find more than enough options to keep you happy.


Main Street features The Essex, Pizza Pub, and Centerbrook Pizza, all of which are popular with locals. There are other restaurants just off Main Street on Plains Road, as well.


For shopping, you'll once again head to Main Street, where you'll find a pharmacy, liquor store, and hardware store, in addition to a few local shops.


Living in Centerbrook also means you're never more than a few minutes from communities like Old Saybrook, Essex, Westbrook, and Deep River, which have more shopping options for you to explore.


The Public Transit System in Centerbrook, Connecticut


The public transit system in Centerbrook is handled by 9 Town Transit, which runs buses through this section of Connecticut.


In Centerbrook, there are multiple stops for Route 642 along Main Street, a route that also features stops in Ivoryton and Essex Town, making it an easy way to get from one side of town to the other.


Route 642 also runs north to Chester, with stops in Deep River, and south all the way to Old Saybrook.


Once in Old Saybrook, you can connect to other parts of Connecticut and the county using the Shoreline East commuter train and Amtrak.


In general, despite being relatively isolated, it's pretty easy to get around from Centerbrook, even if you don't have a vehicle.


Buying a home in Centerbrook


Buying a home in Centerbrook, Connecticut, is an excellent option if you're working in Essex and want to be close to the office or plant, or love the idea of living close to the Chester Bowles Highway, which provides a direct route to other parts of the state.


This community is close to larger towns like Old Saybrook and Westbrook, and commuting to cities like Hartford and New Haven is also possible in less than an hour.


The town's idyllic location makes Centerbrook an easily accessible community that enjoys a quiet lifestyle, providing the best of both worlds for those who live there.

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