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Agent Spotlight: Steve Spurrell

photos of Steve Spurrell over the years

Steve Spurrell served on the Guilford Police Department and has remained an advocate for the Guilford Police Department and especially the K9 unit.

Steve works with active and retired members of our military through our Military on the Move program-M.O.M. He was instrumental in the construction of the new VFW in Guilford in 2018.

Pizza People: serving the under serviced in New Heaven on the Green every Tuesday of every month.  They also host a massive toy drive for distribution every Christmas and hand out over 3,000 toys every year.  The toys are wrapped and labeled by gender and age, so clients know what to get.  PT Christmas party has collected toys for our office party for 3 years.

Steve along with Mike and Kristen Song, from Song Strong, founded ‘Wreathes Across Guilford’ in 2018. This group started when Kristin Song posted asking if people would help her collect and place wreaths on the over 400 Veterans that rest in Guilford.  Steve was the first to not just put his hand up but to take the lead and push for donations and volunteers needed. 

In 2019 when the Government shut down, local families were left without paychecks for weeks.  Steve sprang into action, again, and helped organize “Guilford Cares”.  An organization that was founded to assist local gov’t workers by collecting money and gift cards for groceries.  This small, but mighty group of habitual, do-gooder’s, were able to raise over $10,000 in just a few weeks. 

This same group of pillars in our community answered the call of the neighbors, again in March of 2020 amid the Covid-19 shut down.  They along with Guilford Senior Services collected orders for grocery stores and other errands for those in our community that could not travel due to being in a high risk bracket.  They were able to serve 100’s of people and delivered over $17,000 in groceries to their neighbors and friends. 

Steve has also been a volunteer and leader for the ‘Closer to Free’ ride every year.  This organization has raised millions of dollars to helping find a cure in Cancer and research.  With over 2,100 participates in 2020 this year they were not able to gather in person, yet they still united and shared a message of hope, love and supported the Smilow Cancer Hospital and Yale Cancer Center in New Haven, CT. 

Steve has won the highly regarded Page Taft ‘Community Service Award’ twice in the last 5 years.

On top of all of this Steve has managed to find time to close over $3,000,000 in sales, during a pandemic and has over $9,000,000 in current listings and contracts.

Steve is a great role model, an inspiration and motivator. He is also a leader and a local hero.


Published October 14, 2020 in Real Estate News