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A Look at Westbrook, Connecticut's Boston Post Road

Photo of Westbrook by Lisa DOrsey

U.S. Route 1, also known as Boston Post Road, is a four-mile stretch running through the heart of Westbrook, Connecticut, that is home to most of the town's industry and activities. Those who live in Westbrook know that this road is the center of daily life, especially in the summer, as it's where you'll access many of the things that make the town great.

Businesses, beaches, parks, and government buildings all make their homes on Boston Post Road, and the area tends to fill up as the weather warms due to the 14 different marinas found there.

Buying a home in Westbrook, CT, is all about living on the ocean. Boston Post Road, however, provides an area to spend some time when you aren't lounging in the sand or cruising in your boat.

Here's a look at some of the venues you'll find along U.S. Route 1 in Westbrook, Connecticut.


Turn Off to the Beaches

Since Boston Post Road meanders close to the water, it'll take you close to Westbrook Town Beach, also known as West Beach. Town Beach overlooks Long Island Sound and stretches a long way down Seaside Avenue, providing plenty of space for users.

There is a good-sized parking lot at West Beach, in addition to a fishing pier, some picnic tables, washrooms, and a concession. There's a lifeguard on duty at the beach, as well, making it a safe place to visit with children.

You can find smaller beaches off Boston Post Road, too. Just make sure you aren't trespassing on a private one before setting up for the day. Nearly every road heading south from Route 1 goes to the water, making the ocean impossible to miss.


Check Out the Restaurants

If you're going out for a meal in Westbrook, Connecticut, you'll almost certainly end up on U.S. Route 1 because there are dining options everywhere.

On the east end of town, you'll find local favorites like Westbrook PizzaCafe Routier, Cristy's, and the Turtle Cafe, while Haywire Burger BarBill's Seafood, and Edd's Place are closer to the marina.

In the west, close to the border with Clinton, there's the Beach Donut Shop, Leon's PizzaLenny & Joe's, and the Westbrook Lobster Restaurant and Bar.

Simply put, Westbrook has a vibrant dining scene, and Boston Post Road hosts nearly all of it.


Drive Through the Marina District

We mentioned that Westbrook has 14 major marinas, giving you plenty of places to store your boat. People from all over the Connecticut Shoreline use these marinas, as the Patchogue River and the Menunketesuck River provide unparalleled access to the ocean.

The marina district is like an island between the two rivers, both of which empty into Long Island Sound. As a result, you'll pass over the Singing Bridge when you arrive from the east or the John H. Wilson Bridge when coming from the west into the area.

The largest marina in Westbrook is Safe Harbor Pilots Point, which has multiple docks set up in both rivers. Overall, the marina is 50 acres in size and has 870 floating docks, in addition to showers, tennis courts, volleyball nets, gazebos, restaurants, swimming pools, three clubhouses, and two playgrounds. The marina is a destination all to itself in Westbrook.

Other nearby marinas include Wetmore'sDick'sMarshviewLouisPier 76, and the Westbrook Marine Center. The Duck Island Yacht Club is also located in the area.


Parks and Schools

If you're looking for some outdoor activities away from the ocean, U.S. Route 1 has multiple options.

For starters, there's Ted Lane Field, a park with two baseball diamonds, basketball courts, a playground, soccer fields, and tennis courts. If you have kids who play sports, there's a good chance you'll spend some time at Ted Lane Field.

Almost across the street from the baseball diamonds is Westbrook Green, the historic town center that houses the Westbrook Historical Society. There's also an on-site gazebo, and the green is the location of the town's Christmas tree every winter.

Just off Route 1 is Daniel P. Wren Park, facility with a small playground, a basketball court, and a shuffleboard court. There's also an open field at Wren Park, which you can use for running, baseball, soccer, or anything else you want to do. There are some hiking trails there, too.

Daisy Ingraham School, Westbrook's elementary school, is beside Wren Park and serves students between kindergarten and grade four. Oxford Academy, an all-boys boarding school, is across from the elementary school, as well.


Government Buildings and Transportation

As you might expect in a central section of town, Boston Post Road is home to most of Westbrook's government buildings. Westbrook Town Hall is east of the marina district, while the town's post office is a bit further east.

You'll also find the Westbrook Public Library in this area, close to the elementary school, and Westbrook Station, which features a commuter train to neighboring towns, is north of Westbrook Green. Many locals park at the station during the day while working in New Haven and New London. There are also transfers to the stations in Stamford, Bridgeport, and New York City available.


Experiencing U.S. Route 1 in Westbrook

Once you buy a home in Westbrook, Connecticut, you'll spend a lot of time on Boston Post Road because everything in town runs through this street. While the area can get crowded, the road is walkable, so you can park your car and get all of your errands done at once.

Westbrook is one of the most liveable towns on the Connecticut Shoreline because its venues are so accessible, and much of that is because everything centers on Boston Post Road.