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Life at the Middlesex Yacht Club in Chester, Connecticut

October 5, 2021

Chester, CT, enjoys a fantastic location on the Connecticut River, giving residents easy access to Long Island Sound. The Middlesex Yacht Club is a spot worth checking out if you're looking for a full-service marina with private club amenities.

Spending a Day at Rogers Lake in Old Lyme, Connecticut

September 22, 2021

Rogers Lake is one of the top recreational areas in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Learning as much as possible about this lake at the northern end of town makes it more likely you'll enjoy your time there. 

A Look at Some of Deep River, Connecticut's Most Famous Residents

September 3, 2021

Deep River, CT, is an old town with a tremendous amount of history. The characters from the town's past are worth learning about because they helped shape what the community has become today.

A Visit to Fort Saybrook Monument Park

August 17, 2021

Fort Saybrook Monument Park is a special spot because of its history. This park dates back to 1635 and is well worth visiting because of the living history you'll find in the area.

The Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop in Westbrook, CT

August 4, 2021

Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop in Westbrook

The Pink Sleigh Christmas Shop is an iconic retailer in Westbrook, Connecticut that has occupied the space in an old barn since 1963. Residents and visitors alike love this retailer because it sells Christmas decorations from the past, giving you the opportunity to pick up some of these items locally.